South Eastern and Central European Network

Current project “South Eastern and Central European Network” is continuation of the previous 4 year project implemented by SEEN and coordinated by Help Age International.

Objectives for overall project for period 2008-11:

  • Strengthening and building capacities and skills of the  national networks on ageing
  • Organisational development of partner NGOs
  • Inclusion of older people in the national strategies and policy frameworks through MIPAA as a tool for realising OP rights, through national Focal Points on ageing
  • Mainstreaming of ageing in the national policy development
  • National recognition of the role of the focal point on ageing, and its empowering to take intersectoral action within each of the countries
  • Development and monitoring of the implementation of the National Action Plans on ageing as well as strategies for social protection and inclusion

Country Specific Objectives:


    • Feasibility of the implementation of a social pension established (HAI Technical assistance)
    • Political commitment to a social pension established through advocacy and influencing campaign
    • Social pension implemented


Activities planned in reporting period:

  1. Annual national network meeting  including capacity building
  2. Feasibility assessment and developing a model of the social pension for Serbia
  3. Micro projects focusing on advocacy campaigns, policy influencing, engagement of older people in national strategy development and practical initiatives that mobilise communities in action for older people, implemented annually by the members of the networks;
  4. Monitoring and support visits of the network coordinator


The first step in the Project implementation was to share with relevant network HumanaS the content of the project proposal and main ideas of the Project. That was done  at meeting held on December 03rd , 2007. HumanaS Network has accepted Project as its own and NGO Lastavica, being a  HTA/HAI partner in Serbia, as contact organization in project. On the next meeting of the Network (end of December), partners agreed about tentative dates of the National meeting and core procedures for the micro activities.

National meeting
The 5th National Meeting of organisations and institutions that work for and with the elderly „AGING IN SERBIA DEMANDS ACTION” was held on 29th of January 2008. in Belgrade. NGO Lastavica and Gerontology society of Serbia were responsible for the event.

The meeting concentrated on advocacy and lobbing for the dignified aging, inclusion of the elderly in development of national social policy and further support to networking of the organizations that monitoring of their activities. With participation of 47 representatives from governmental institutions (11), NGOs (28), media (3) and international agencies  (5), the panel has discussed the present activities within the various projects HumanaS network. In addition, various institutions and donors have updated the participants on the development framework and possibilities to mainstream the issues related to social policies for the elderly in overall development context. The presentation of regional experiences from Slovenia on the intergenerational solidarity were particularly useful.

The participants have identified several issues that would be of particular interest to strengthen in the future work.

  • Advocate for activation of the National Council for the aging, and inclusion of the HumanaS network in the monitoring of the implementation of the Strategy for the aging.
  • initiate trainings and strengthen communication between HumanaS members
  • link the young and the elderly and continuously boost understanding and respect between the generations
  • Support voluntary work and support the participation of elderly in solving problems related to aging
  • Create models for sectoral cooperation based on the best practice
  • Use regular evaluation to follow the milestone implementation in social policies;
  • Secure the presence of representatives from local government in the future meetings
  • Disseminate the conclusions from this meeting to all relevant institutions in Serbia.

Advocacy for social pensions

The consultant for social pension issue, Asghar Zaidi visited Serbia between 21st and 23rd February 2008. He  advised Serbian Government, the National Council for Ageing and the NGO Network HumanaS and  proposed a specific form of social pension policy in Serbia.  The mission was undertaken on behalf of the Help Age International, with the backing of Social Policy Division, ELS, OECD.
He had formal meetings with Ms. Lučič (the State Secretary), Ms. Radifkovič (Assistant of the Minister), Mr. Savicevic (head of the Division – Pension and Disability Insurance), Ms. Milovanovič (PRSP team, Office of the Deputy Prime Minister) and the national focal point on ageing (Ms. Lidija Kozarcanin)  Round table for Coluncil on ageing and relevant stakeholders was held and training for HumanaS representatives.
Together with HumanaS he proposed  pension income testing as the least costly option ( as government’s own administrative records will determine who should ‘not’ get social pension) Proposed  amount €80 per month falls in between the minimum social assistance amount MOP €60 and the estimate of the poverty line around €110.  This model is starting point and further data and possible forms of social pension have to be explored.
Annual implementation of micro projects by members of the networks
HumanaS has received 10,000 € through HTA project  to be used for different micro projects, which enables all members of the network to apply for these funds.

Final list of approved micro projects:


Donation /


Red Cross of Serbia

Web presentation of HumanaS



Reprint of National strategy on ageing


Gerontology Society
 of Serbia

Two publications: 1. Reprint of „Guide through itutional care on older people“
2. Publication, manual about new model of noninstitucional care on elderly (hraniteljstvo)



Human rights of rural elderly women: improvement of heath and social security of older women in Valjevo municipality




Self-help groups




Focus groups about social pensions


University of 3rd age

Workshops with elderly about potential, new fields of participation of elderly



Amity & Moka

Methodology for research of needs for social pensions in Serbia




cost share for publication „Home care“



Hleb zivota

Groups for psychological support to elderly groups in Daily centre of „Bread of life“